Warehousing & Storage Skills, Level 2 Diploma

Length of Delivery: 201 Hours
Qualification Body: City & Guilds


Suitable for anyone working in a logistics warehousing & storage operation where knowledge and skills development is required in support of their day to day role.

This qualification is available using a flexible blended learning approach with learning materials and resources available on our Moodle learning platform. A schedule of virtual sessions provides access to specialist tutors across a range of days and times. All of which is supported with face to face visits where you will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate your skills for assessment which is produced by using work generated product evidence, professional discussion, expert witness testimonies and audio/video recordings.

Summary of Unit Content:

Health, Safety & Security at Work
Taking responsibility for own health, safety and security, and the monitoring of hazards, taking action in the event of an incident, raising the alarm, following correct procedures for shut down and evacuation, using emergency equipment correctly and safely monitoring the workplace for hazards.

Develop Effective Working Relationships with Colleagues in logistics Operations 
Develop working relationships when working, supporting colleagues and seeking support from others, reducing conflicts. 

Pick Goods in Logistics Operations
Picking goods ready for dispatch or to assemble orders by identifying the goods, using appropriate equipment and being aware of potential problems.

Wrap and Pack Goods in Logistics Operations
Wrap and pack goods by being able to identify the goods, the correct method and materials for wrapping and packing to safeguard the goods during transportation, storage, dealing with labelling the goods, disposing of any waste materials generated during the wrapping and packing process.

Maintain Hygiene Standards in Handling and Storing Goods in Logistics Operations 
Maintain hygiene standards through personal hygiene and the use of appropriate clothing to protect the operative, the goods or both. Know how to maintain hygiene standards and be able to maintain those standards when handling and storing goods.

Moving and/or Handling Goods in the Logistics Operations
Move and/or handle goods within a single location or between different locations, whilst identifying hazards that might occur in moving or handling goods safely.

Check Stock levels and Stock Records
Check stock levels and records as part of a planned audit or as requested, identify individual’s roles and responsibilities and the companies reporting procedures when undertaking a stock check.  Understand the preparation and process of checking stock levels, and stock records whilst managing performance and underperformance in the workplace.

Operate Equipment to Perform Work Requirements in Logistics Operations
The safe operation of mobile and fixed equipment, identifying the correct equipment for the task, ensuring it is safe to use and returned to the correct place after use. 

Level of Entry:

Complete a Maths & English Initial Assessment and a Skillscan prior to entry, with a recommended level of entry being Entry Level 3 to Level 1.

Learning & Assessment:

  • The learner is required to create a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Blended learning, on-Line, virtual study sessions and face to face visits with their tutor/assessor.

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