Team Leading, Level 2 Diploma

Length of Delivery: 201Hours
Qualification Body: City & Guilds


This qualification is available using a flexible blended learning approach with learning materials and resources available on our Moodle learning platform. A schedule of virtual sessions provides access to specialist tutors across a range of days and times. All of which is supported with face to face visits where you will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate your skills for assessment which is produced by using work generated product evidence, professional discussion, expert witness testimonies and audio/video recordings.

Summary of Unit Content:

Manage Personal Performance and Development
This unit develops the knowledge and skills required to manage personal performance and development. Upon completion you will be able to manage your own performance, time and workload, as well as identifying your own development needs and creating a personal development plan.

Communicate Work-Related Information
Communicate work-related information and the key principles and techniques of work-related communication enabling you to communicate work-related information both verbally and in writing.

Lead and Manage a Team
Develop the knowledge and skills required to lead and manage a team by being able to engage and support team members, manage team performance and deal with problems arising within a team.

Principles of Team Leading
Understand key team leading principles, leadership styles, team dynamics and team motivation, along with techniques used to manage the work of teams and the impact of change management within a team.

Understand Business
Develop an understanding of the business environment, organisational structures, business planning and finance within an organisation/company, along with understanding management responsibilities, accountabilities, and business reporting.

Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues
Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues, and the key principles that underpin effective team working, along with being able to maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and working collaboratively to resolve problems.

Manage Individuals’ Performance
Manage individuals’ performance and how to manage underperformance in the workplace.

Manage Conflict within a Team
This unit aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to manage conflict within a team and introduces learners to the key principles of conflict management. Upon completion of this unit, learners will be able to reduce the potential for conflict within a team and will also be able to deal with conflict within a team.

Understand Customers
Understand different types of customers, the value of customers and their loyalty.

Negotiate in a Business Environment
Negotiate in a business environment and understand the principles of negotiation so you can prepare for and carry out business negotiations.

Level of Entry:

Complete a Maths & English Initial Assessment and a Skillscan prior to entry, with a recommended level of entry being Entry Level 3 to Level 1.

Learning & Assessment:

  • The learner is required to create a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Blended learning, on-Line, virtual study sessions and face to face visits with their tutor/assessor. 

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